LNG Austria is a non-profit association which puts the interest of the general public at its heart. The way we structure our memberships mirrors this as we ask our members to work for the benefit of the purpose of the association. We also ask for unconditional loyalty and we refuse full membership to for-profit corporations or other similar organisations.

LNG Austria has three different kinds of membership available:

Full members

those are individuals under the law if they have

  • accepted the bylaws of LNG Austria;
  • paid the annual membership fee;
  • their application for membership has been accepted by the managing board;

Full members have a full vote at all meetings of the General Assembly and they can be elected an officer of the association. Full members have a special duty of loyalty towards the association. Unloyal behavior will result in an expulsion.

Honorary Members

Those are individuals which must be proposed by the management board and confirmed by the surveillance council to be Honorary Member for their outstanding contribution to LNG or to LNG Austria or for their outstanding position in the energy world or other. Honorary Members do not pay the annual membership fee and remain, Honorary Members, until either of the 3 events enumerated below occurs:

  • their demise;
  • voluntarily resignation;
  • they have been debarred from membership according to the procedure described in the bylaws;

Sustaining members

those are companies, public administrations, other associations and persons under the law if they have

  • accepted the bylaws of LNG Austria;
  • paid the special annual membership fee for sustaining members;
  • their application for membership has been accepted by the managing board;

Sustaining members have a no vote. They have a special right for information and may attend at all meetings of the General Assembly.

Membership fees

Annual membership fees are calculated as follows:

The full annual membership fee is

  • EUR 100.- per annum for full members;
  • EUR 50.000.- or more per annum for sustaining members;

The membership fee will not be refunded in case of the member has resigned from membership or if his membership has been debarred.


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