Investors point of contact

To a non-Austrian, Austria and the countries around it must seem like a Byzantine court. Very opaque power structures, hidden agendas, weird rites and habits, and this complexity is made worse by myriads of national specifics. Its a world full of power brokers, schemers, and backstabbers. But its also one of the biggest transport markets on earth. We extend a helping hand to those seriously interested in coming to the European LNG scene.

Most of the time, one does not know where to start. We are not a consulting agency offering individual services – our legal structure precludes that. But we offer information and contact groups. This allows you not only to get a clear üicture about the market but also establishing first contacts.

We want to allow each and every new player in the market to get his bearings quickly. We also want them to meet the right people quickly. This helps the market develop which is great news for the Austrian population.

In a sense, we give you a set of tools – you build your business. And who knows, if you succeed you might want to join us as a member. Because if you succeed it means that the air for everyone in Austria becomes cleaner which is our major objective.