Since VW has triggered the diesel scandal with its cheatings, transport has become an uncertain business. Many still believe that at the end, nothing will change. They believe that they will be using diesel as they did in the past. However, there is a glimmer of doubt that has not been there before.

If there would be only extremely expensive and technically immature alternatives, such as E-Trucking or hydrogen fuel cells, it might even play out that way. However, methane and its liquefied derivative is an alternative, which is price competitive with diesel and provides the user with all the advantages they know from diesel. Minus all the polluting effects.

Introducing LNG as a fuel with blanket coverage is not only an investment. Its a campaign for the hearts and minds of the people living in Europe. We don’t blame the people for being afraid of something they don’t even know yet. Ignorance breeds insecurity.

We want to change that. We work on many levels at the same time by informing politicians as well as holding broader information events in order to show the people what LNG can do for their lives. Those events are free to attend and we demonstrate how clean LNG really is and how safely this very mature technology can be applied to today’s transport world.

Last but not least, we will do our best to figure in traditional media.