The vision

The diesel scandal on one side and technical as well as economic issues with electric vehicles and hydrogen on the other put the transport business into a quandary. The only fuel that is clean enough to pass any test without cheating, economical enough and also technically mature is methane as a fuel. And only LNG (liquefied methane) offers enough energy per volume to beat the old problem of range anxiety once and for all.

Starting with 2025, every TEN-T corridor must feature LNG fuelling stations at distances not exceeding 400 km from each other and there must be such fuelling stations at all inland ports. We would like to push Europe a little farther down that road. We want the goals of the directive to be fulfilled sooner and we additionally want more than just every 400 km. Logistics companies, truck drivers, bus-companies, and all other potential users of LNG shall not have to change their operational patterns according to fuelling requirements.

We want to build competence pools in different European countries that are further down the road in order to help fertilize the others.

Know How is market power today. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to become the experts for clean logistics and their underlying supply chains and technologies. LNG Europe wants to help companies which are interested in LNG as a fuel to service that market in order to inseminate their surroundings with their Know How.

Most of all, we want that a clean environment becomes more than just empty gestures by politicians.

Cleaner than a Tesla – efficient and inexpensive like a diesel. That’s LNG.