How you can help us

LNG Austria wants to make the fairest, most socially equitable and most environmentally friendly fuelling solution an existing reality in Austria and all countries around it or close to it. That’s a lot of work, especially, if one looks at the current situation and it will take a long time until we can look at Austria complacently.

Everyone who is willing to support us in a serious and reasonable manner is welcome.

We have designed a little catalog of the different ways you may want to engage with us. We believe that there is something for everyone who wants to engage.

Donations are subject to statutory obligations of transparency. If you would like your donation to remain anonymous, we will do what we can to guarantee that insofar as its legally permissible. What we won’t do is break the law or even bend it. We strive to be as transparent as it makes sense to be. If this bothers you, don’t donate.


You amplify our message about LNG and its possibilities to your contacts and the world. You write about us on different platforms, you share our articles on Facebook, Twitter and wherever else you communicate. You enlarge our network by opening the eyes of those you know and of which you believe they would be interested in LNG as a fuel. You help us to tell the story of what really happens and what the real causes at stake are.


You don’t want to donate cash money but you would like to go further than just sharing our content on social media. You offer your workforce free of charge or you get yourself a bunch of flyers printed and distribute them.


If you like to contribute financially but don’t want to become a full member, this one is for you. You are free to choose how much you find appropriate to support us with. We will gratefully accept any donation that’s EUR 10,- or more. This will not confer any advantages or obligations membership brings. However, if you donate EUR 5000.- or more per year, you will be represented on the exclusive list of “Grand Donors” – if this is what you wish

Donors have no voice in our representative bodies. It goes without saying that any opinion expressed by our Grand Donors will be listened to intently. If you care about it, we will care about it. We are an association serving the public good, which means that we will not do anything that equates us to a commercial agency.

Full Member

€ 100,- per member per year will give you full membership rights and obligations. Members have a seat in the General Assembly and may be elected into all representative bodies of LNG Austria. Through their vote in the General Assembly, they decide what the route of march is going to be for the association. That being said, any vote would still have to comply with the core values and mission of LNG Austria which is unalterable. We want to establish and broaden the use of LNG as a fuel in Austria and in surrounding countries in order to improve the environment and through it the health of all living things in and around Austria. Part of our mission is also to strengthen the appeal Austria has as a location for business which benefits everyone here as well. No member will be allowed to tamper with those core values.

Sustaining member

If you really want to support us big you may want to consider a “Sustaining Membership”. Sustaining members start with EUR 50.000,- per year (there is no upper limit) and they are advertised in all events as well as media publications in a very special manner. Sustaining members typically are partners with very strong financial capabilities. The core aims and mission of LNG Austria would be very close to their heart. Whoever cares this much about our core values and our mission is very close to our heart as well.


  1. We repeat that no matter which membership is being chosen or how much money someone might want to donate to LNG Austria, we are only obligated to our core mission. We are flexible and react very rapidly to anything that influences LNG in Austria. If an Amplifier has a great idea and tells us about it, we will go with it. If a Sustaining Member wants to make us his business antennae, we will not be able to oblige as we are an association of public utility. We are obligated to the general good in this country and around. That being said, donors have a special communication channel to us. Members may act through their voice in the Assemblies.
  2. If – as a donor – you would like to remain anonymous, we will respect that choice as fas as it’s legally permissible.